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Email Address in Japan 2014/10/4 07:55
what is the best email address provider in Japan? Is it Yahoo or Gmail, or something else.I need to make a new japanese email.
by Kisukeyo  

Re: Email Address in Japan 2014/10/4 12:44
What exactly is your purpose? Generally, when the provider of a service wants to restrict it to Japanese addresses, they require an address from a Japanese mobile phone provider (see mixi, for example). A Japanese Yahoo address would be useless. And as for Gmail, I don't believe it makes a difference at all between countries.
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Re: Email Address in Japan 2014/10/5 07:58
Why would you need a "japanese" email address?

Pretty much all the Japanese I know with J addresses have them because their phone service provides one. These tend to be annoyingly long and hard to remember, this also in the end screws them because they can't keep the address if they change phone providers. Almost everyone I know that has an alternate address has yahoo, gmail or hotmail (which is pretty dead now I think).
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