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Nomikai speech - what to say? 2014/10/4 17:04
Hi, I've been told that I will be expected to give a speech at my first nomikai with the company next week.

Could anyone give me some advice on what to say during the speech? Roughly how long should it be? Should I include a presentation of myself or should I focus more on how much I enjoy coming back to Japan?

All I know is that there will probably be around 50 people attending the nomikai, and that the speech shouldn't be "too short". (I went to an izakaya with my closest colleagues recently and there they suddenly wanted me to hold a speech (which I was not expecting). I tried to say a few words about how much I enjoyed coming back to Japan, and that I was looking forward to work with everyone. However, they were not so impressed and said that I better hold a longer and better speech at the "real" nomikai (which is next week))

I appreciate any help!
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Re: Nomikai speech - what to say? 2014/10/5 19:10
A long speech? Well, I would take it as a joke. But they may have been expecting a more "amusing" speech.

Anyway, at a nomikai, most people are eager to get to their first beer (or more beer), so the speech shouldn't be too long.

But then, at a nomikai, everyone wants a good laugh, so the speech shouldn't be too dull.

I guess, something around 3 minutes, with a simple introduction about yourself (if there are people who don't know you well) and some real episodes that you enjoyed upon coming back would be great.

Either way, I can assume that they all like you a lot and would love to see you getting attention ;)
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Re: Nomikai speech - what to say? 2014/10/5 23:27
It depends on the Nomikai style, formal or informal, welcome or farewell, type of attendees(friends, business partner, colleague, boss or higher position staff) etc.

Send me a direct message then I can write a sample speech for you.
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Re: Nomikai speech - what to say? 2014/10/7 22:54
Hi, I believe that the purpose of a speech in Nomikai is to provide topics those your colleagues talk with you because your colleagues would be interested in you but they wouldnft have good topics to talk to you. Therefore, you should talk about your interesting things drawing attention from them in the speech. Anyway, itfs not easy for me to make a speech. Good luck!
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