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Can I smoke a Cigar in a pachinko parlor? 2014/10/5 08:33
Hi, I will finally be going to Japan after much planning in November 2014. I don't smoke cigars often except for special occasions and I would like to smoke a few cigars while I am in Japan. My main question is will I have a problem smoking my cigar in a pachinko parlor for example? I own a vintage pachinko machine and I love to play so it is my dream to sit down and have a blast on the latest machines in Japan.

If you have any advice on places where I can smoke and if I will be okay to smoke in areas where people smoke cigarettes please reply.
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Re: Can I smoke a Cigar in a pachinko parlor? 2014/10/5 23:10
Some large pachinko parlors are divided into smoking and non-smoking floor. In the parlor, you can smoke in the smoking section(floor) only. Small parlors don't have enough space, so you can smoke there. Ask one of the parlor staff if you are unsure and ask to bring an ashtray as you smoke.

The majority of public spaces in Japan is strictly prohibited to smoke except smoking area. Smoking in public street is also prohibited. You can be penalized 2,000 Yen if you get caught.

I recommend you to bring a portable ashtray if you smoke. You can purchase a portable ashtray between 100-200 Yen at Combini or Cigar shops.
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Re: Can I smoke a Cigar in a pachinko parlor? 2014/10/6 03:24
I didn't know there were non-smoking pachinko parlors. I even asked at the one near where I was staying in Kyoto last spring. I would like to try visiting one but not if it's smoking....is there any list of non-smoking venues? Thanks!
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