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Travel between Miho museum and Nija museum 2014/10/6 14:34
I am planning to visit these two places in a day by public transportation, I am wondering I will have enough time to spend on these tow museums?
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Re: Travel between Miho museum and Nija museum 2014/10/6 22:10
You are talking about the Koga Ninja Museum?

Transfertime between both is roughly 2 hours (30 Minute by bus, 1h by train, 30 minutes walk)

ILve never been to Koga, because i am no fan of these weird "Ninja experiences", mostly aimed at childrens, were you can wear a pink or blue Ninja costumes.

I prefer the Iga-Ueno Ninja Museum. They offer a great ninja show, where they diplay real ninja martial arts.For the Iga Ueno Nija Museum its about 15 Minutes for the Ninja House Demonstration and maybe 20 Minutes for the Museum.The Ninja show takes about 20 Minutes, but you will most likely have to wait for it, as there are no fixed times (they usualy wait, until enought spectators are around).

Public transport from the Miho Museum to Iga-Ueno however is even worse, it takes alsmost three hours.
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Re: Travel between Miho museum and Nija museum 2014/10/7 13:16
Thank you, I don't think I have time for either Nija thingy. Since I will visit the Miho museum for sure and read something about getting a rental car to visit the Nija museum from Miho. Anyway Miho is the one I want to see most if I can get a bonus while I am in the area. And I dont want to drive in Japan, can't switch driving habit in such short time.

Thank you very much, I will replay for the rest of my day after Miho.
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