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Chichibu winter festival 2014/10/7 19:48
Plan on spending 3 days & nights driving around Izu (1st time visit) early December, could either spend a 4th night= Dec 3 also our last night in Japan either in Izu or drive to Chichibu for the festival. We fly home on Dec 4 at 4.30pm from Haneda.
Would appreciate comment from anyone who has either been to this festival or has in depth knowledge as we are not sure if there is much to see at the Chichibu festival. Been to Japan a few times but never a night festival. Also I assume we won't get a hotel room in Chichibu so would appreciate suggestions on somewhere interesting and close-by to stay the night of Dec 3. Festival ends 10pm so don't want to drive too far and don't want to stay in Tokyo.
by Ben (guest)  

Re: Chichibu winter festival 2014/10/14 11:47
I donft recommend driving to Chichibu for the Night Festival.
Road will be very crowded and difficult to find the parking spot.
So if you have to drive, youfd better not to choose this option.

About Chichibu night festival (Yomatsuri), if you like Japanese festival, it is worth visiting. Chichibu Yomatsuri is one of 3 big parade float festivals in Japan. (Gion Matsuri in Kyoto, Takayama Matsuri in Takayama) Also, the fireworks are really beautiful in the clear Winter sky.
by Chococo (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Chichibu winter festival 2014/10/14 15:44
Thanks Chococo.Since we have rented a car and have to return it Haneda on Dec 4, is there a train station close to Chichibu with direct access where we can park and maybe spend the night and take the train to/from Chichibu ? We will be driving from Izu shi.
by Ben (guest) rate this post as useful

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