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Price of Cigarettes 2014/10/25 10:20
Hello,i plan to visit Tokyo next year,and i got a question for which i didnt find the answer in the forum,either i didnt search the right way or it wasnt asked before ^^
so my question is,how much does a pack of cigarettes cost?it doesnt really matter from which brand,i just would like to know the average prize of a pack so i know it before i visit ^^
Thanks in advance already to anyone who answers ^^
by Sebastian (guest)  

Re: Price of Cigarettes 2014/10/25 19:26
All brand of Mevius(formally, Mild Seven) is 430 Yen with 20 cigars in one packet. Mevius is the most popular.

All brand of Marlboro is 460 Yen.

Lucky Strike is 460 Yen.

Parliament is 470 Yen(Parliament Light Box is 450 Yen).

Caster is 420 Yen.

Seven Star is 460 Yen.

Virginia is 450 Yen.

The cheap cigar is Echo(250 Yen) and Wakaba(260 Yen).
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Re: Price of Cigarettes 2014/10/27 00:16
Thank you very much for the fast answer :)
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