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Chichibu Festival Dec 3 2014/10/28 13:30

Anyone that has been to this festival, is it worth paying $60 for seats to watch six floats go by?

Also, we won a lottery to buy seats but are these seats general admission? Meaning, do we have to spend a few hours getting a good spot?
by flonie (guest)  

Re: Chichibu Festival Dec 3 2014/11/20 03:13
Hi, where did you get your tickets from? Interested in getting them/finding out more too!
by Winston (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Chichibu Festival Dec 3 2014/11/20 05:47
$60? No, definitely not.

As long as you don't mind standing fore some time during the parade you can see everything for free. Like I said before, last year I had no trouble at all getting a perfect spot less than an hour before the start of the parade. And that's really front row, right next to the street. Most "official" seats I've seen were on empty lots, behind and high above the sidewalk. That might give you a good view on the floats (depending on which row your seat is), but I would prefer to be as close to the action as possible.
by WizardOfOss rate this post as useful

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