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Tips for visiting Nasu Highlands in November 2014/10/31 12:13

A group of 5 of us are planning a daytrip for November 9th to visit Nasu, but I'm unsure of a few things since I have never been to Nasu before.

Do you think this is too late in the year to visit? I wouldn't say autumn colors need to be perfect, but I'm sort of worried that everything might already be dead-looking and cold. I'm wanting to go for the mountain vistas and felt this would be better than other options like Nikko, Hakone, Mt. Takao. (Specifically inspired by: )

We have a JR pass and are staying in Asakusa, so we planned on taking the 7:10 or 7:50am Shinkansen from Ueno Station, to Nasushiobara Station.

The goal is to to go to the Nasu Ropeway, presumably via a 75min Toya bus, and hike around the area. Afterwards, I would think we would visit some of the touristy areas if we have time, possibly using the Kyubi shuttle bus, though I am unsure how we would get to any of these locations after hiking. A couple of the things that sounded interesting were the Trick Art Museum, Animal Kingdom, Safari Park, Heisei-no-mori Forest.

Otherwise, I am a bit worried about how to find the bus schedule for our selected date, how to get around Nasu post-hiking, and then back to Tokyo in the evening. We would not be able to get a rental car. Are buses and limited schedules going to be a big hassle? Are taxis difficult to use, if we only know limited Japanese? If you have any suggestions on how to put together a thoughtful itinerary for the day, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for your help!
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Re: Tips for visiting Nasu Highlands in November 2014/10/31 15:33
Do you think this is too late in the year to visit?

As far as leaves are concerned, it may not be as good as this weekend, but most likely be still good enough. As far as climate is concerned, it would probably be still warm enough to get around. But be sure to bring light and warm outers that you can take on and off frequently.

from Ueno Station, to Nasushiobara Station.

If you're not renting a car anyway, have you looked into options about getting off the train at Kuroiso station? I haven't cheched the bus time table, but Kuroiso station is generally convenient in many ways while there is almost nothing around Nasu-shiobara station.

That said, why aren't you renting a car? Was everything fully booked? Rent-a-car is your best option for off-summer-season. Also, driving is much easier compared to the city.

Meanwhile, I can understand your concerns about driving if you're a short-term tourist from a foreign country. In that case, I have to say that you should limit your schedule as much as possible. Buses aren't really that convenient in Nasu.

A couple of the things that sounded interesting were the Trick Art Museum, Animal Kingdom, Safari Park, Heisei-no-mori Forest.

Hmm, very lame, I must say. These spots can be "a bonus" to your hiking if you already live in Japan, but to come all the way from another country to see Trick Art... well, everyone has their perferences. But you can find a trick-art museum in Odaiba as well.

Either way, if you're not staying overnight, you should focus on just one of those spots, because they're mostly far apart. And Nasu is a vast area, so even with a car, it would take you time to get from one place to another.

If you truly love animals, Animal Kingdom and Safari Park can be interesting. Animal Kingdom is really a vast area, and you should take time to enjoy every aspect of it. In particular, don't settle with the cats and dogs near the entrance, but go all the way to the "farm" area where you can enjoy a meadow with sheeps and other animals. But there's nothing too Japanese about it, so it might not be interesting if you're from New Zealand.

Safari Park, on the other hand, won't take much of your time. There is a in-park tour bus, and you can't get off your vehicle or go back and forth. Huge camels will most likely come up to your window.

Among your choices, Heisei no Mori is the most sofisticated. It's also the newest and the most academic. In other words, however, it may be boring if you're not interested in plants. Also, it may be too similar to your hiking course.

One idea is to visit one of the spots you've named, and then go to Kuroiso station much earlier than your scheduled train, and kill time there. Kuroiso station area is the central town for the Nasu resort. There are shops and cafes you can look into.

I don't think taxis are difficult to use as long as you write down your destination and address (for example, Animal Kingdom is called Doubutsu Oukoku in Japanese, so it's better to have the address). But you can't find many taxis on the streets, so ask shops and clerks for taxis. Taxis can cost you a lot though, since you will be riding long distances.

Just for reference, the less touristy colored-leaves spots are Itamuro and Shikanoyu. If you ever plan to reconsider your route, keep these in mind too. Especially, Shikanoyu which is the oldest onsen in the area is situated in the old touristical part of Nasu, with Sessho-iwa, the shrine of Onsen-jinja, and a tourist information booth. My favorite spot is the old-fashioned cafe inside a shop called Michinoku (Yumoto branch). Through the big old window, you can see the side of a moutain full of autumn trees. The area, although authentic, can be a very low-key spot and boring for younger people though.

As far as traffic jams are concerned, try to avoid Nasu-Kaido as much as possible.
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Re: Tips for visiting Nasu Highlands in November 2014/11/1 08:53
Thanks for your excellent response. :)
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Re: Tips for visiting Nasu Highlands in November 2014/11/2 22:39
Hi again. I just came back from Nasu, where we go twice a year, and I'm afraid that the mountaintops are getting bare every day. For example, Saturday was much better than Sunday.

From a quick internet search, I found autumn leaves information.

And this is the official website of Nasu city hall.

Perhaps you can ask for help at your hotel in Asakusa to look at the Japanese information to update yourselves. For example, the ropeway may still give you a great birds-eye-view of the colored area, but for hiking, you may want to go a bit down hill where there still are more leaves.

Hope you have fun whatever you do!
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