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Wasabi 2014/10/31 21:51
Hi guys...

Any idea where I can get wasabi plants in tokyo?

I did saw it at the fish market. just wondering if there are other places selling it...

Greatly appreciate your help
by John (guest)  

Re: Wasabi 2014/11/1 15:37
If wasabi-filled tube, it ise selling to the supermarket.
If you're in Tokyo, it seems to make the wasabi in Okutama.
Sometimes, came with a raw wasabi in handmade soba shop, except the minute you use when you eat, sometimes you can take out.
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Re: Wasabi 2014/11/1 15:47
In soba shop of Ota market, wasabi (which was made ​​in Izu) seems to get that.
If nearby store of Ota market, might wasabi are selling.
Because there is a vegetable market.'ota+market%5D'
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Re: Wasabi 2014/11/1 18:37
Fresh(raw) wasabi(生わさび nama-wasabi) is not long life.
Departments food floor in Shinjuku and other area sales sometimes
but ask store staff of regular super market before.
Say "Tube type ja nai nama no wasabi oitemasuka?"
(チューブタイプじゃない 生[なま]のわさび 置[お]いてますか?)

And last weekend 26 Oct in Ginza[銀座] opened new "antenna shop" of Nagano,PF.
Nagano,PF is one of soba and wasabi famuos area
dont know sales(in stock) or not but asking worthful maybe.
[antenna shop?]

Good wasabi needs good clean stream in deep mountain side most.
Okutama,Tokyo west area,too. A day trip Okutama[奥多摩] very easy
by JR Chuo and JR Ome[青梅] line trains from Tokyo[東京] or Shinjuku[新宿] stn.
Hachioji[八王子] Haijima [拝島] (suica/PASMO valid until Okutama)

But Okutama area wasabi field(farm)[わさび田 wasabi-da] are
access very inconveient from station and not open for tourist usual.
If want to visit ask sales store staff or Soba restaurant owner.

Best wasabi season starts soon.
New Soba[新そば shin-soba] season starts already.
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