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Nice restaurant/food in Nikko 2014/11/5 10:24
Hi All

Any nice restaurant/food in Nikko?

by nicole liau  

Re: Nice restaurant/food in Nikko 2014/11/5 12:45
If you take the Tobu Railway local train from Tobu Nikko, 6 minute travel time, Y170, to Kami-Imaichi, get off and walk backwards in the direction of Nikko. There is a path close to the railway tracks, with water wheels at the side. You can see it from the right hand side of the train. Walk may take about 5 to 10 minutes, and path is quite close to part of the Avenue of the Cedars. At the end of this path through mostly what I would call a park, there is a Japanese traditional type house with a restaurant. It is not expensive, average Y1200. I know they are open for lunch. Do not know the name of the restaurant or the name of the garden in which it is located as I am not Japanese. Someone might be able to throw more light on this.
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Re: Nice restaurant/food in Nikko 2014/11/12 20:53

Thanks For posting.

Very Helpful.Please suggest more options.

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Re: Nice restaurant/food in Nikko 2014/11/12 21:43
Sorry, not able to provide any others. I was in Nikko last Nov and Jan this year, in the evening, the shops around the railway station closed early and it can be pretty quiet although there were people who went to see the light up at the shrines. By the way , there is a very nice snack that is sold aat a shop near Tobu Nikko Station. It is on the right hand side as you exit the station, and there is usually a short queue for it. They will give you free tea and there are also free samples. I am sorry , my memory is not good, I can't remember what Ai ate, just that I usually bought it whenever I pass by. I think it cost Y100 each.
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