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Data sim 2014/11/10 21:09
I'm going to Japan (Kansai area) next months. I was wondering what good data sim is available? (its for my Galaxay S2, will be using it for tethering my other device)
This is the period I will be in Japan:
29th Dec- 3rd Jan and 13th Jan-21st Jan).

Mainly google maps, web browsing, timetable look up, e-mails, few internet calls and photo upload and I won't be streaming videos.
by Jensen (guest)  

Re: Data sim 2014/11/11 11:05
Its been mentioned before again and again..
The info is there, just do a search
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Re: Data sim 2014/11/11 20:41
I got my sim through eConnect. I think it was about 4000 yen for 100mb per day, for 30 days. More than enough for google maps/email/general browsing, and a good fast connection.
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Re: Data sim 2014/11/12 11:11
I ordered mine from http://rental.cdjapan.co.jp/ for my up coming trip, 3,540 YEN for unlimited 4G for 2 weeks.
Have not personally used this before, i rented from Global Advanced Comm for my last trip.
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Re: Data sim 2014/11/13 00:43
@ op, which country are you coming from, check whats available from your country, or rent a local sim or pocket wifi from japan, a search will get you many results.

I always get a sim locally from hong kong at less than 3000 yen with 5GB for 7 days, used to be 15GB before.
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Re: Data sim 2014/11/13 00:51

It looks good, with the pocket wifi with unlimited use, but the sim only has limited data use.
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Re: Data sim 2014/11/13 18:57
Thx everyone
@ steevu9
econnect looks like a good one.
How was the coverage and speed?
I'm going to places that are pretty rural and mainly how is the coverage along train lines?

I agree with kms, nearly if not all data sim of a fair usage between 100-120 mb per day.
I rented pocket wi-fi with Global Advanced Comm before going to Kyushu, the coverage and speed wasn't that good.

My Home country is UK, but doing a side trip to Hong Kong in the middle of the Japan trip.

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Re: Data sim 2014/11/13 21:43
Not really asking you to do a side trip, have you check whats available in the UK, and the link littleponpon listed for a pocket wifi looks promising.
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