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Gyunabe in Tokyo 2014/12/3 12:56
Recently heard about a restaurant in Yokohama that serves gyunabe, which is like a really thick miso sukiyaki and looks absolutely delicious. I read about it here: http://ronomnom.wordpress.com/tag/gyunabe/ (not my blog) and it seems to imply that this is a unique dish to this restaurant.

Anyway, I'll be visiting Japan next year. Are there any restaurants closer to central Tokyo that serve this or should I just head out to Yokohama?
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Re: Gyunabe in Tokyo 2014/12/3 15:52
In gyunabe shop yokohama is famous Ota Nawanoren the best.
Arai-ya and Janome-ya also otherwise.
Difference of sukiyaki and Gyunabe seems ,if not burned or first bake the meat.
Famous shop of sukiyaki of Tokyo, is the Ningyo-cho imahan.

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Re: Gyunabe in Tokyo 2014/12/3 16:05
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Re: Gyunabe in Tokyo 2014/12/5 08:50
Thank you for the suggestions, I'll look into those places.
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