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Looking for chocolate mousse 2014/12/8 21:51
I have been to Japan before and enjoyed many kinds of delicious desserts at various restaurants.

I have not found a restaurant that serves my favourite dessert in the world, chocolate mousse.

Can you please tell me, where could I find the tastiest chocolate mousse in Tokyo?
by Crocodile (guest)  

Re: Looking for chocolate mousse 2014/12/10 01:59
Chocolate mousse is the sort of thing you're more likely to find in a high end patisserie than in a restaurant, although you might be lucky at one of Tokyo's many excellent French restaurants.

Try this place for delicious sweet morsels:
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Re: Looking for chocolate mousse 2014/12/11 18:18
Thanks for the link!

It doesn't have to be in a restaurant, any place where I can get chocolate mousse is fine. At the moment I can't even get it at home, so any place will do.
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Re: Looking for chocolate mousse 2014/12/12 07:27
Supermarkets and convenience stores often sell it.
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