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What goes on with cosplay in harajuku 2004/12/7 09:52
I'm just wondering, cause I have heard alot about it. That there's abunch of cosplayers in harajuku on sunday just cosplaying what goes on there and what do they do?
by K.C.  

kosupure-zoku 2004/12/7 17:22
They are just doing their thing. Cosplay ( kosupure-zoku ) is just costume playing. Dress up as their favourite character ( Manga is popular ) and show their stuff. Its a riot.
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Because its fun 2004/12/23 09:49
I am a Harajuku cosplayer. I cosplay just about every Sunday in Harajuku. The main reason,
to hang out with friends, while we celebrate how much we love the same band. Because in Harajuku, most all of the girls are cosplaying someone from their favorite Japanese visual kei band. It is a lot of fun being able to get all dressed up and looking like your favorite people, and then hanging out with your friends who also look like your favorite people. We get our pictures taken because, well, we look strange..lol. The girls in all the frilly dresses, that really isn't cosplaying, as much as it is a fashion called Elegant Gothic Lolita, but since it is not a common fashion, and the Japanese are so overly concerent with disrupting society with it, most of the girls only feel comfortable wearing their dresses in and around Harajuku or Shinjuku. Also that goes for visual kei fashion, but most people enjoy wearing those clothes on a daily basis sometimes. Some of these girls are high school students, they study hard all week, and Sunday is sort of their escape into Tokyo, where their parents can't see it. Its just like any country with youth who are fans of hard rock music, only this is a little more extreme and organized, I guess.
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I love Harajuku 2005/8/8 00:45
I am a german cosplayer and I love Harajuku and Shinjuku for their Cosplay! I am a very big fan of the japanese cosplayer. I guess they ( and me) cosplay for forget the reality for a time. You can be what you want to be. You don`t have to be serious or normal. You can be strange and do everything you want to do. It`s just because of fun! Try it!
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Cosplay rules! 2006/5/23 21:22
I personally cosplay at different events. It is very enjoyable to have your picture taken and recieve so many complements. I personally enjoy cosplaying all types, from anime and video games to visual kei and singers. There is a large gathering of cosplayers from all over the world at Cosplay.com. Good luck in all your cosplay adventures!

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What is the best time to watch Cosplay? 2007/4/14 02:29
On sundays where and what times are the best times to watch Cosplay? Afternoons? Evenings?
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Not evening 2007/4/14 10:09
Mostly morning and afternoon. Early evening the girls start to head home as they have school the next day!
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hm 2007/4/22 07:21
hm...i know that people cosplay on sundays, but im just wondering...on other days, are you able to see teenagers hanging out more frequently than others such as saturday although they may have school then? and if so, about what time during the day? like...after school...late afternoon etc. the thing is, i'm going to japan this summer on this program and we're going to stop by tokyo as well as other places (i'm not sure how long we're staying in tokyo) and i think we're allowed to walk around and shop for a certain period of time. since i don't know what day(s) i will be staying in tokyo, i'm just wondering if theres a chance to meet other teenagers on other days in case i don't arrive there on a sunday. ^^
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Cosplay 2007/6/12 23:38
Cosplays can sometimes really bad but some are great. Once I was in NJ and went to a anime heaven it was so cool. I loved it. There were cosplay outfits, books, pokey. I can't wait to visit some time agian. And I got a news paper with nothing but cosplays in harajuku. I loved them all.

- Tsuki

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Cosplay in America 2007/7/20 11:15
Some friends of mine and I all go cosplaying around the town we live in. We live out in the countryside so most people don't understand what we are doing.. but it is fun anyway. We dress up like the Gazette.
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Best Time in Harajuku? 2008/3/12 03:29
Hi there. . will visit Tokyo soon!

- I was wondering when will be the best time to visit Harajuku? Does it mean that i wont see any cosplay during week days?

- Will i be able to get cheap yukata(set) in May?

- Where can i buy cute plush in Tokyo? (will travel by Tokyo Metro & Toei Line)
Lastime i went Aeon Narita & Osaka Namba (not sure whether it's call Namba), i bought cute stuffs include my Big Baby Piyo at the Doll/Plush shop (",)

Thanks heaps~~
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Cosplay and yukatas 2008/3/12 08:00

- I was wondering when will be the best time to visit Harajuku? Does it mean that i wont see any cosplay during week days?

You might see a few weirdly dressed people in Harajuku during the week, but I don't think the goths/lolitas hang out on the bridge on weekdays. If you want to see people in costume, why not head to Akihabara to see the maids in front of the station?

- Will i be able to get cheap yukata(set) in May?

Yes. Uniqlo is probably the best/cheapest, but all the department stores should have them.
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sundays 2008/3/13 10:05
On sundays, Harajuku is the place to be if you want a fun afternoon, especially when it's sunny :)
Cosplayers are only a part of the sunday activities. Yoyogi park gets flooded on good days with all sorts of performers. Lots of musicians, sport demonstrations, those American 60's dancers, etc... When I was there, there was even a cool trance/techno party, in the middle of the day, outdoor in the park.

To summarize: Harajuku/Yoyogi park is a gathering point for people that want to be seen :)
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Thanks 2008/3/13 20:58
Thanks much, Dave & JimmyVH~~ (",)
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what time of day 2008/4/28 23:43
What time in the evening do the cosplayers start leaving? If I show up at 3 PM, is it too late?
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Cosplay 2008/8/24 00:48
Would I be able to see cosplay at 9+ am? I would be able to see them just outside the station?
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I LOVE IT 2008/8/27 01:29
whoh....I love Harajuku and Cosplay.....and I love all kind of Lolita fashion.....I dream of going to japan and stay at Harajuku.....itLs so awesome great....I love being a different...

If someone want to mail with me here is my mail:

I would love to mail with you.......

Bye Bye your Christin
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