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Vanilla coke 2014/12/10 12:55
Does anyone know where to find vanilla coke in Tokyo? Some people told me they could find it here and my boyfriend saw it at a Familymart once but I still couldn't find one and I want to try it since long time ago cause we don't have it at my country (Spain).
by Neine  

Re: Vanilla coke 2014/12/10 15:28
Last summer, it seems to have been sold at a convenience store for the first time in 10 years.
However, it is not sold maybe now.
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Re: Vanilla coke 2014/12/11 01:10
The last time I saw it anywhere in Japan was when I was stuck in Utsunomiya due to Typhoon 26 approaching and the Shinkansen lines into Tokyo being shut down. I spent the night there and saw Vanilla Coke at one of the conbini in the station/mall area. Japan is such an unpredictable country for items like that. The tastes are fleeting and something you like may not be there the nest time you go.
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Re: Vanilla coke 2014/12/11 01:57
In general, you have better luck finding a specific item in a supermarket than in a combini (simply because they sell more items), so for a start I would just visit the nearest Aeon mall.
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Re: Vanilla coke 2014/12/11 08:46
i was buying it at Don Quijote for a few months up till the end of autumn.
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Re: Vanilla coke 2014/12/11 10:52
Besides the stable of regular flavors, Japanese drink makers produce a lot of seasonal and limited edition drink flavors that change frequently. For example, seasonal fanta flavors, the limited edition summer pepsi, etc. The conbini tend to have the best variety of these, more so than supermarkets or vending machines, but you may have to shop around as some drinks seem to be limited to certain conbini chains.
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