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Muslim Halal Food 2004/12/7 16:41
Tokyo 23-ku
Is there any muslim halal food restaurants in Shinjuku, Tokyo ?
by Albakri Syed  

There's a list 2004/12/7 23:17
Look at:

This has link to list of halal restaurants.

by aardvark rate this post as useful

Applicable? 2004/12/14 00:12
does that website applies to Tsuruoka too?
by Nurazhar rate this post as useful

List of Muslim Food shops in Japan 2006/7/29 21:24
List of Halal Food (Muslim Food) shops in Japan
by mak rate this post as useful

halal food at osaka 2007/10/29 01:04
i searched your list of muslim halal food but there's none at osaka. is there any?
by aki_zz rate this post as useful

Halal food shop 2009/1/18 10:06
ILP Japan Halal food shop is in Saitama. But you can order your hala food online and it will be delivered to you the next day. Pls check the link thanks
by ILP JAPAN (guest) rate this post as useful

Halal food 2009/2/11 13:53
You can find a list of Halal Food stores in Tokyo and other cities of Japan in this site:
by Yousof (guest) rate this post as useful

Japan Halal Association 2011/4/6 08:34
by Japan halal association rate this post as useful

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