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can i buy tickets at railway stations 2014/12/12 14:16
i plan to travel to yamaguchi university in march 2015. After reaching Fukuoka airport i intend to take a train to yamaguchi. Can I buy train tickets at the railway station a little time before the departure of the train, or should i book the tickets in advance?
thank you in advance
by Sreekanthan (guest)  

Re: can i buy tickets at railway stations 2014/12/12 15:42
Yes, you can purchase tickets at the station anytime before your train.
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Re: can i buy tickets at railway stations 2014/12/13 05:16
yllwsmrf is right for your particular case (you will buy your tickets probably at Hakata station, since there is no train station at Fukuoka airport), but the general answer to the question in the title is "it depends".

There are some small train stations (mostly but not only in rural areas) with no staff and no ticket vending machine. In such cases, the local trains using the station work like most buses: you take a numbered ticket when entering, and pay the necessary amount to the driver when alighting. In the cases when you want to board a limited express at the station, you must have purchased your ticket at a bigger station in advance.
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