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Noto Peninsula at Christmas 2014/12/19 16:43
Hi all, my first post! I searched the forum and found a few similar posts but not exactly covering my questions so I thought I'd make a new post.

Anyway I'll be driving around Noto Hanto for a few days over Christmas and I wondered, how difficult are driving conditions likely to be? Are we likely to encounter much settled snow or ice? Most of the major sights seem to be on fairly well developed roads (by which I mean no mountain tracks that I'm likely to slide off if it's icy or snowy). Will I need snow chains/tyres for any part of the peninsula?

I'm planning on staying at Lamp no Yado which seems to be the remotest place on the whole trip, any tips or heads up about driving around that area would be appreciated.

Finally, I've read conflicting reports about when the Asaichi (morning market) is closed in Wajima. Some places say on the 4th and 25th of each month, some say on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month, so if anyone knows which one is correct that would also be appreciated.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this!
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Re: Noto Peninsula at Christmas 2014/12/20 01:00
If there is no thing that was driving on a snowy day, might be better to quit the operation.
This week's high likely possibility of snow.
If you contact the inn, might get to tell whether the chain is required.
You will find e-mail address below.
In the middle also contains the live camera.
Here also is a live camera.
Morning market is the 24th is a day off. ( Since Fourth Wednesday)
25th is open.
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Re: Noto Peninsula at Christmas 2014/12/20 01:33
Oh thank you! The calendar on the market website is super helpful!
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Re: Noto Peninsula at Christmas 2014/12/22 14:43
I just thought I would bump this up to say, we phoned the Highway Agency and they advised that we wouldn't even be allowed entry onto the highway unless we had winter tyres or snow chains, and so we will be renting winter tyres for those couple of days. As I'm from the UK and have limited experience of these conditions (and privately owned roads for that matter) it didn't even occur to me that we might be denied entry, so this is just a heads up for anyone planning to drive around in snowy areas that might not be aware of that kind of thing!
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Re: Noto Peninsula at Christmas 2014/12/22 17:47
I was in Noto during in January a few years back. Yes, there was snow but there are cars around and about.

Not many but they were still there. To my mind, what is more of a concern then a snow or hail storm is the strong winds. Especially when nearing the coast. If your vehicle is not heavy enough, drive slower or you might be blown off course. Some of these winds are insane.

The drive has much scenic sights. Much nature and some historical architecture.

Sadly, I did not go as far as Lamp no Yado. If you find driving to be a chore, a taxi might help. It is not cheap for sure but it is not that much more expensive compared to renting a car. Also the comfort of having a local driver lets you sit back and enjoy the passing scenery.

The roads usually doesnt have much snow since it is cleared. I however, experienced a hailstorm from the land and super winds from the sea.

But weather is an hour to hour issue so you could always wait it out.

Also, January should be far worse than Christmas.

There is an upside down waterfall. It leads off to the sea. It is called such because during winter months, the strong sea winds blow the downward falling water upwards.
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Re: Noto Peninsula at Christmas 2016/1/6 13:39
Thanks for the info, I'm going to be driving up Noto for 2 days at the end of February so I'm going to expect the same strong winds and icy roads.

I did not pick snow tires or chains in my rental, after reading this thread looks like maybe it's a good idea.
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