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Vegetarian options 2014/12/24 03:44

I was wondering if there was a lot of vegetarian options in Japan. I do not eat meat, egg, and fish. I am okay with meat broth.

Am I going to have a hard time finding something to eat in japan?
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Re: Vegetarian options 2014/12/24 09:54
Hello. I am Japanese.
I will be happy if I can be of any help.
Probably It's a little hard.
But some of restaurants provide Vegetarian meals.
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Re: Vegetarian options 2014/12/24 12:14
Please be here as a reference.
In the supermarket, it sells tofu(“€•…j
and nattoi”[“€j, vegetables and the like.
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Re: Vegetarian options 2014/12/28 21:47
I'm a vegetarian who has lived here for 6 months and it's been okay although the options can be limited. Most Japanese people don't understand the concept of being vegetarian, they often assume vegetarians eat fish or bacon so you need to be clear when ordering what you can and cannot eat. Usually if you choose a meal that looks okay but you suspect has bits of fish in it you can just add "sakana nuki onegashimasu" to the end, which means (without fish please), or "niku nuki onegashimasu" (without meat please). The restaurant might think it's a weird request but will almost always oblige. There are some places you should avoid going to, like ramen or sushi bars, as there are no vegetarian options here, but there are plenty of curry places to fill the void. It also depends where in Japan you're going, if it's to tourist centres like Osaka and Tokyo more people are familiar with vegetarians. If you can't eat egg then it will be more of a problem as a lot of tempura and okonomiyaki dishes are made with egg, so you might be limited to tofu salads when you eat out.
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Re: Vegetarian options 2014/12/29 01:15
If you're okay with meat broth then ramen restaurants will be fine, just get the meal without the chashu (like above, "chashu nuki onegaishimasu" will work just fine). Some ramen types come with egg, but usually there will be pictures so you can avoid those. Or just take it out.

Although I'm not sure how you can be vegetarian but meat broth is okay..
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