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info on antique pachinko machines? 2004/12/9 06:06
An older Pachinko machine (estimated 1940's) recently came into my possession and I am looking for information on where it came from, what is needed to refurbish it, etc. I want to clean it up and hopefully restore it to working condition. Does anyone have information on older machines?
by bardo  

... 2004/12/10 12:42
Try the following site to see if there's any useful info for you:
"Mike's Pachinko Casa"
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pachinko help 2006/2/14 00:28
Nik should be able to help you out. He's based in the UK - www.pahcinkos.co.uk
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Antique Nishijin Pachinko 2008/1/3 00:05
I have tried the above sites plus several others All to no avail. I have one I THINK came from a PRE-WAR pachinko parlor. It is mechanical and does not have a back to it and has a odd peice of wood held in place by a hinge along the bottom
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pachitalk.com for pachinko info 2008/6/5 14:05

forum of pachinko and pachislo enthusiasts

friendly, will answer questions

become an semi-active member to get access to more info
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