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Going to a language school in Yokohama 2015/1/5 09:57
I've finally decided to take the step of going to a language school in Japan to obviously learn Japanese.

I have looked around and felt that for my desires of going to a school that provides a long term course with housing, and in a location near enough to Tokyo. That this is the best school for me?

Its around £6500 for the 48 week course and I would also like to take a further £10,000 with me (with the desire of finding a part time job when in Japan). Would the additional £10,000 be enough for my food, transport to places like Tokyo and socializing over the period of the course?
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Re: Going to a language school in Yokohama 2015/1/5 18:29
Looking at websites of some Japanese language schools, they say (just as a guideline) monthly living expenses including housing is in the range of 80,000 - 150,000 yen. (According to JASSO's survey, the nationwide average wasa 88,000 yen living expenses per month.) Or, from a different viewpoint, including tuition and everything, total of 2 million yen (for one year) seems to be needed to cover one-year of study, which the applicants need to be able to show in order to get accepted.

I don't know which dorm you are thinking of, and I don't know if you cook, but the total of 16,500 sterling for one year sounds decent, particularly with the Sterling strong vs. the Yen currently.

I cannot say if that is the "best" school, though, of course. Many schools in Tokyo too offer help with finding apartments, or actually have student housing (you need to ask).

If you want to still look around, you can look at Nisshinkyo's website for other accredited schools too:
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