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How do you eat rice with chopsticks? 2004/12/10 05:39
Wouldn't it just fall out? There's nothing to get ahold of. ^_^ I've never tried eating rice with chopsticks but still...
It doesn't make sense. Do you eat it grain by grain? O.O;;;
by Gerald Kirby  

Rice 2004/12/10 17:15
The trick of japanese white rice is that it is kinda sticky, so you can grab some and it wont fall. In some dishes like yakimeshi, or fried rice, usualy a spoon is used.
by Francisco rate this post as useful

Sticky rice 2004/12/10 18:00
The rice you get in the west is often trumpeted as being "non sticky" and that kind of rice is indeed impossible to eat with chopsticks. It would be like eating sand with chopsticks. However, the rice in asia is sticky and allows to be eaten by chopsticks easily.
by Kappa rate this post as useful

Scoop it 2004/12/10 18:11
True, the rice is sticky, so that makes it a lot easier for eating, but you could also use your chopsticks almost like a spoon, and scoop the rice up. If you have trouble with chopsticks at first, don't worry, you'll get the hang of it soon enough.
by Derek rate this post as useful

chopsticks 2004/12/15 15:18
Hello.Myname is Fuse.Iam Japanese student.
Japanese people is use to chopstick.when we eat meal.
we are pinch food with a chopsticks,so difficulty use to chopsticks for children.
by fuse rate this post as useful

haha 2004/12/15 15:25

First of all...eating rice with chopsticks is fairly simple. I assume you already know how to hold chopsticks. Just grab or scoop a bite full and shovel that baby in your mouth.
Remember..key word is "BITE". Don't get this huge mound. Once you get the hang of chopsticks, you'll be able to pick up a grain of rice...hopefully not too stick.

by shchang118 rate this post as useful

my unswer 2004/12/15 15:26
Hello.My name is Masui.
I am Japanese student.
You have chopsticks in your right
hand.You have in a thumb lower
chopstick.You have in a forefinge
-r upper chopstick.
And middle finger between it.
That together with a ring fing-
er and a little finger lower
by masui rate this post as useful

no 2004/12/16 08:24
NO YOU DON'T EAT IT GRAIN BY GRAIN...just watch other people eat their rice.
by shchang118 rate this post as useful

Uhh, ok. 2004/12/18 09:23
I saw some Japanese rice, and yes, it is very sticky.
Thanks for the replies! ^_^
by Gerald rate this post as useful

Shove it! 2004/12/28 02:43
When you are eating rice its normally served on a small bowl, now you put the bowl on your lower lip and you shove the rice in using the chopstick!
Well even you can pick a grain of rice it will still be frustrating to eat as it would take forever!!!
by rob rate this post as useful

Use... 2004/12/28 04:48
your hand if all failed. By the way, shoving it is Chinese way of eating rice. Japanese rice are quite starchy and sticky, so no need to shove.
by Laubowski rate this post as useful

rice 2004/12/29 23:33
I don't know if they are of different "breed" of rice, but asian do cook their rice differently from western people.

In the eyes of asian, cooked western rice is still raw - individual grains.

Asian cook their rice longer so they become more sticky (but never wet). So you can use your chopsticks to pick/scoop up a mouthful fairly easily.

Chinese, Japanese and Korean cook their rice almost the same way. But they eat their rice in different fashion.

Chinese way is to hold the rice bowl to your mouth and shove the rice in.

Japanese would whole the rice bowl half way in the (in front of the chest) and scoop a mouthful to the mouth.

Korean don't lift up their rice bowl at all. First, because they use stainless steel rice bowl. It is way too hot to hold it with your hand.
by mm rate this post as useful

Use Rubberbands 2004/12/30 05:38
Answering your question,
I learned to eat rice using chopsticks by putting rubberbands together to the chopsticks.
I learned this method from Benihana years ago when I was a kid.
It's funny that you mention 'sticky rice', because they are actually much easier to be consumed using chopsticks than long grain rice found in American supermarkets.
Eat rice w/ green tea.
I found a cool website.

by Rene Ballantine rate this post as useful

sticky rice 2004/12/31 20:24
Just a side note.

Westerners may find Asian rice sticky, but we think it is normal. Because we eat it everyday.

There is another kind of 'sticky' rice which is much more stickier, but we don't eat that everyday. It is used for special dishes.

So, don't ask for 'sticky' rice in a shop when you only what to buy normal Asian rice.
by mm rate this post as useful

. 2005/1/3 19:09
I had an interesting experience yesterday. I got some kind of fried rice dish from the busy ''picnic court'' and they didn't give my the spoon to eat it and the soup the ramen was in. So I managed to eat it by the shoving method mostly, which my japanese friend actually suggested.
by Ciata rate this post as useful

Rice 2005/1/4 23:56
Rice consume in the west and Southeast Asia are normally long grain rice which is less starchy and rice eating in Northern Asia are the starchy short grain type.
by Laubowski rate this post as useful

rice 2005/1/5 14:04
Ive been practiceing eating with chopsticks. (my parts give me alot of funny looks now.)
i tryed eating rice at a local chinese restaurant and the rice just fell apart and it tasted like it had been cooked in a dishwash with soap. yuck.
yes i heard normal rice in asia is sticky and the realy sticky rice is used for dishes such as sushi right?
by CJM rate this post as useful

Rice 2005/1/6 08:56
you have to practise for many hours. start with something other than rice?
by pinkwern rate this post as useful

food 2005/1/6 14:13
I started with cups of instant ramen actualy. thought i think the plastic chop sticks arn't meant for ramen, there always sliping in my fingers.
by CJM rate this post as useful

eating with chopsticks 2005/1/9 19:45
The way to eat rice with a chopstick is to use only one chopstick not two.
uhh....just joking lol.
The rice is sticky and it's not a problem.
I am in the process of inventing battery powered chopsticks for new users so they will not have difficulty :)
by william rate this post as useful

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