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Help translating a omikuji 2015/1/18 22:59
Hey people, could I get some help translating an omikuji?
I tried Google translating it but it didnt turn out really good, I also saw some pages around the internet regarding the subject and I found out that my omikuji is a minor blessing. But past from that It was really hard.
So if someone here can help me with this I'll be really greatful.

Here's the link to the image:

Thanks in advance. :)
by GrinD (guest)  

Re: Help translating a omikuji 2015/1/19 11:36
This is old style writing, so a bit hard to translate.

厳島神社 Itsukushima shrine
御神籤 omikuji
幸魂奇魂兆 means "the sign of your soul" or something?
吉 good fortune

This is a sign of the attainment of your wishes.
But to follow the path of righteousness is essential.
Even things that you think it's hard to overcome,
it will make good progress by unexpected help easily.

方角 西の方よし
direction, west is good
旅立 よし
departure, good
病気 きっと治る
disease, sure to recover
建家 家移り、縁談共によし
household, both of moving and marriage are good
失物 いづべし
lost article, be found
待人 来たる
person you wait for, will come
商売 買売共に十分よし
business, both of buying and selling are good enough
勝負事 敵一倍の強みあり
competition, twice as good as the opponent

Don't make a boast, be gentle and honest.
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Re: Help translating a omikuji 2015/1/19 17:30
The west is good part i got while translating but thought it was wrong. Anyways thanks a lot, ajapaneseboy :)
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