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Traditional karate school in kyoto 2015/1/22 17:52
Hi all
can You pls recommend me some traditional karate schoool in kuyoto ? I tried to find some contact in web but I did'nt successfull

thank You Brano
by bdobrotka  

Re: Traditional karate school in kyoto 2015/1/30 20:49
Very unlikley to be any 'traditional' karate dojos in Kyoto that are open or welcome to 'foreigners', the traditional home of karate is Okinawa, and yes as a foreigner you would be able to 'visit' the Okinawan dojos, BUT whether you would be invited to participate on the Dojo floor is another matter. If you hold a 'black Belt ' outside of Okinawa,means virtually 'nothing in Okinawa!', you will be looked regarded as a beginner regardless as to your ranking!. I suggest you do a 'google search' for ' Karate Dojos in Japan that invites 'gaigin' (foreigners) to participate. As an Okinawan Trained karate student I can assure you that your international creditation, that is your 'ranking' means absolutely ' nothing' in Okinawa or mainland japan!, their Japanese and Okinawan standard and creditation is well above international standards!!. Sorry to be so negative, good luck with your search.
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Re: Traditional karate school in kyoto 2015/1/31 09:23
Hi Brano,

Do you already go to a dojo? The easiest and most likely way to get into a japanese dojo is to work with any affiliations your dojo has rather than just walk in anywhere. This is how my dojo works the "exchange" but you have to be at least a black belt for them to even consider it (I'm a purple so I have no personal experience with it). I'm not sure what you mean by "traditional" as there are four styles recognised as the earliest forms. The closest you'd get to what you may think of as traditional karate would be in Okinawa, not Kyoto.
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Re: Traditional karate school in kyoto 2015/2/1 23:03
Are you living in Kyoto? Or are you planning to come to Japan to practice karate?
Japanese dojos would accept foreigners, I am a foreigner myself and I hopefully will receive my black belt soon. But in Japan, dojos are not places like martial art gyms abroad. They usually recruit kids when they are young and are mostly active in schools, universities. You could probably still have a change to be accepted though. You have to search. But if you actually google "karate dojo kyoto" IN JAPANESE, lots of info should come up. If you don't have that japanese level, forget about those "traditional dojos".
I think there is a martial art school for foreigners, somewhere near Tokyo, you might try that one, if your sole aim is to learn karate in Japan.
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