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Defrosting frozen mochi 2015/1/24 03:17
I defrosted frozen mochi in the refrigerator, but it is hard and flaking. What did I do wrong? Is there a way I can make it soft again? I want to make red bean mochi. Thank you.
by Renee (guest)  

Re: Defrosting frozen mochi 2015/1/24 11:44
heat with microwave oven, bake with oven toaster, or boil in hot water.
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Re: Defrosting frozen mochi 2015/1/25 01:22
Ken, thank you so much! I heated the mochi in the microwave and the texture is perfect. My friend belongs to a Buddhist temple and the mochi was made from scratch as part of the new year's celebration. I love mochi, so I really wanted to use what he gave me. Thanks again!
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