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Sushi meat? 2015/1/25 09:52
I've had chicken and fish sushi before but I was wondering what other meats are normal to have with or on sushi?
by Ormy  

Re: Sushi meat? 2015/1/25 12:59
Meat (not including fish) is generally not a common ingredient for sushi. At normal restaurants, you will not encounter it.

In many years of intense travel and eating in Japan, I personally have seen and eaten beef sushi in Takayama and horse meat sushi at a horse restaurant in Kumamoto. But I have never seen chicken sushi or any other meat sushi anywhere else.

Of course, all types of seafood are used for sushi, though.
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Re: Sushi meat? 2015/1/25 13:28
There seems to be sushi shop of meat nikuzushi in shibuya niku yokocho.
It is also in Ebisu.
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Re: Sushi meat? 2015/1/25 18:43
Are you meaning actual sushi (as in fish, usually, over rice)? Or do you just mean raw, like sashimi (the fish without the rice)? If so, I've had chicken, beef, and horse sashimi before. I've seen beef sushi, but it was cooked and not raw.

Thinking about it, I've never seen pork. I'm sure they have it somewhere, I've just never encountered it.
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Re: Sushi meat? 2015/1/26 11:12
"Normal" is certainly a word up for interpretation.

Personally I like Kappa-zushi restaurants because they're cheap, tasty, and they change the menu pretty frequently. They usually have little hamburger patties (often topped with teriyaki sauce and a dab of mayo) as a topping. However they've also had slices of various cured hams (often topped with onions and mayo) and even duck sushi.
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Re: Sushi meat? 2015/1/26 12:00
First off do you mean you've had sushi or sashimi? There is a difference and you're likely to encounter a larger variety of meats served as sashimi than as sushi.

If we are just talking sushi, then I've had beef nigiri (which is a fairly common dish at yakiniku restaurants), horse nigiri (at a horse specialty restaurant), deer nigiri (in Nara of all places), but not chicken. However, I have encountered a fair amount of chicken sashimi, which is a specialty around southern Kyushu among other places, and have tried or seen quite a variety of other meats served as sashimi.
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Re: Sushi meat? 2015/1/27 05:01
I've had beef sushi at Takayama, it is awesome. As mentioned above, it is cooked although only seared. I've had raw beef plenty of times, mainly carapaccio (sp?) but that became hard to find in Japan after there was a food poisoning issue a few years back. I've also had raw beef sushi (or sashimi, I cant remember which) but it might have been horse meat. It was so so.
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Re: Sushi meat? 2015/1/27 08:55
Raw beef is pretty good but personally I prefer horse ;)

Anyway, in my experience eating it maybe half a dozen times, beef nigiri sushi tends to be made with raw beef. There is a similar dish, called tataki, where the meat (usually katsuo, but sometimes other meats like beef) is lightly seared around the edges only. That is also sometimes served like sashimi or as sushi.
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Thanks for the information. 2015/1/27 18:44
Thanks for all the information on different food, I had no idea there were so many different types. I feel like I know a little bit more about Japan now.
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