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Japanese translatation 2015/1/25 22:57
Studying Japanese for quite sometimes and want to see if I am getting this right:


Big red B4 size binder form of Monsen Standard Latin Typefaces Specimens. This book contains all series volumes into 1 single convenience place?

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Re: Japanese translatation 2015/1/26 12:45
There has to be a sentence break somewhere.

It is talking about the big binder/filed format, you are correct about the first part, but this person is saying that while he has all volumes of the clean proof, that this is handy as it comes in one bound form.

- Big red B4 size binder form of Monsen Standard. European font/typeface clean proof copies. I have all volumes but this one is convenient as it is all volumes in one.

I am just guessing that there has to be a break somewhere.
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Re: Japanese translatation 2015/1/26 16:05
Oh, I found the original page too - I guess it is saying:

- I also own all volumes of Monsen standard European typeface clean proofs in big, red B4-sized binder format, but this one [the single-volume version] is very convenient, as everything is compactly compiled into one.

So the other one is the big, red B4-format in binder, but this one (this 1980 edition in one properly bound book) is handy, he is saying.

So this is just a few out of the big red series, which comes in separate volumes:

...and this is the single volume version he is talking about:
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