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Where do I buy a Nekopan/Catbread? 2004/12/12 22:34
It looks like this
A loaf of bread with cat ears and a face

It's associated with "Danbool-Kun"

I'm in Tokyo, so preferably someplace close to me
by BW  

bump 2005/2/8 01:53
I'm looking for one too. If you've found where they're sold please post an answer here for me too. Thanks!
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Nekopan! 2005/10/3 01:44
I REALY would like find Nekopan as well, please inform me as well if possible.
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Anyone figure it out? 2008/7/3 02:56
I'm joining the search, so I was just wondering if anyone ever figured out where they can be bought. Let me know!

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