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Recongnising some Kanji 2015/2/6 09:31
I'm translating a Dragonball Doujinshi for myself for reading and understanding practise but there are few kanji that I just can't seem to find. I'm hoping someone here can help me.

The first one is the one in between the brackets.  ただの(??)って

The next are the Kanji behind the scribble. They're so small. I'd be amazed if anyone can read them XD

The last is the first Kanji in the last bubble ???って来たな

If someone could tell which Kanji they are I'd be very grateful.

Also there's one other thing that's been bothering me. The following sentence
おまけにお前をパラして売り飛ばすつもりのようだからな. (also in the third picture)
I don't really understand what he means with the "rose" bit. Is this some kind of phrase? For reference sake; In the comic someone wanted to 'sell her body(parts)' for profit.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Recongnising some Kanji 2015/2/6 10:46
The first kanji is 「旅」 which is "Tabi", trip, travel or journey.
In this manga, "journey" is appropriate translation.

The second, 「装置を解除しろ」
"Remove the (mechanical) device" or
"Cancel the device system"
I think "remove the device" is right translation for this sentence.

The third,
「バラ・・・? えっ!?」
"And also, (they seem to) cut your body parts in pieces and sell"
"Cut and sell...?"
"We don' chase too far unless they get attacked"
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Re: Recongnising some Kanji 2015/2/6 19:55
Thank you so much!

Those Kanji had been bothering me for a week. Especially 旅. It seemed so recognisable but I just couldn't find it.

And thanks for help with the sentence as well. How stupid of me not to think of ばら】as separation and only think of the word "rose"
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Re: Recongnising some Kanji 2015/2/7 02:13
バラして is from ばらす(v)
as 2nd meaning バラバラ -にする (-ni suru /v).

1,2,3 all using a lot as original words instead.
Only 3rd using bad guy's line/style sometime include 2nd meaning.
2nd meanig is not always simple "separate" sometime "kill functions" with.
So 3rd means make human function(=life) separete from body/real/present.
Similar words "消(け)す :kesu)" and "始末(しまつ)する :shimatsu-suru" are also same.
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Re: Recongnising some Kanji 2015/2/7 08:33

Thanks for the added info. Sometimes double meanings can add confusion.
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