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where can i buy sugarcane jeans? 2004/12/14 12:59
hi, i was wondering where i can buy sugarcane or samurai jeans online. and if possible shipped to the US.
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here's where 2004/12/24 08:44
Try www.historypreservation.com

They sell Sugarcane, Buzz Rickson and other manufacturers of painstakingly precise, detailed reproductions of vintage wear.
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us love japanessa gear 2007/12/2 09:12
you can buy sugarcane and samurai jean on bid service jp peace.
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Where I bought my sugarcane jeans 2008/5/15 14:43
I bought my sugar cane jeans from www.Di-ModaClothing.com. I returned the first pair because I ordered the wrong size, but the service was excellent and they didn't kick up a fuss or charge me extra for the exchange.
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Hinoya Plus Mart in Ueno!!! 2008/11/21 17:20
If in Tokyo- In Hinoya Plus Mart in Ueno. Get off at the Ueno station, start walking toward the Okachimachi Station, and take a left into an alley right after you pass a pachinko place. Keep going straight and you'll find it on your right. It's easy to miss since the entire area is a big flea market, but just keep an eye out for a store with lots of jeans. You can also look up Hinoya Plus Mart on Google, and hit translate. Then check the jeans out to get a good idea of what the prices are. They're waaay cheaper than in the US.
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