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Street performers in Tokyo/Yokohama? 2015/2/8 20:52
What are the best places to see street bands or other performances in the Tokyo/Yokohama area? I'm staying in Tokyo, but I have read from magazines that Yokohama is the best place to see bands playing on the street.

Can you tell me any places in Tokyo or Yokohama if I want to see street bands? Is there a specific place like a park or around a certain station where most of them gather? Is weekend better than weekday?

In Tokyo I have seen bands at Harajuku, in Osaka around the Umeda station, but I have not seen any bands in Yokohama yet. Sometimes I have seen magicians in Tokyo. I'm interested in any type of street performance.

Thank you.
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Re: Street performers in Tokyo/Yokohama? 2015/2/8 23:06
Heaven artists are active in Tokyo.
Information in Japanese is here.
If I know what you always come, it is possible to teach the more detailed information.
Yokohama in Noge, street performance festival is opened.
It will be held in spring and autumn.
Jazz concert on the street in the spring and autumn in Yokohama is performed.
In addition, the cross street of Isezakicho live are being carried out on Saturday and Sunday.
Admission seems to take 200 yen.
Kawasaki is live on the street is sometimes done.
Since I do not really go to Harajuku, you do not know well.
However, has been occasionally Free Live also held in the event of Yoyogi Park.
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Re: Street performers in Tokyo/Yokohama? 2015/2/9 02:13
The place you can always count on is Shibuya on Saturday nights. I guess it's around 9pm that musicians, acoustic and electric, come out around the JR station. They're there, no matter the season, and the quality is not too bad and you have lots of genres to choose from. They appreciate tips while many sell CDs of their music.

If you don't mind performers in terms of jugglers and such, you can see them in front of Hard Rock Cafe in MM21 district, Yokohama. These shows are done during the day, mainly in the afternoon. They're officially supported by the local community, but rely on the viewer's tips.

I'm a band fan living in Yokohama, and I can't really recall anyone saying this is the place to see street bands. But just like Tokyo, there's a bunch of small venues where you can see amateur or semi-pro bands for a couple of thousand yen.
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Re: Street performers in Tokyo/Yokohama? 2015/2/10 23:48
I forgot to add I am in Tokyo now for a couple of weeks. Yokohama is only a short train ride away and the people at the tourist information center recommended Yokohama to see street bands.

The reason I like street performances (music, magic, juggling or anything) better than bars or clubs is that it's never too hot or crowded, I'm not expected to buy and drink alcohol and there is less cigarette smoke. And I can take photos. I'm glad to tip or buy a CD.

Thanks for the hints. Much appreciated.
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Re: Street performers in Tokyo/Yokohama? 2015/2/11 00:02
Forgot to add the the MM21 performances are shown only on weekends and holidays! But today the 11th is a holiday!
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Re: Street performers in Tokyo/Yokohama? 2015/2/11 01:23
Today in Grand Mall Park landmark, juggling and Double Dutch and acrobatics is performed.
yamashita park today juggling is performed.
In Queens Square, 13:00 ~ 15:00~ launch event of professional musicians are carried out to .
It may street is performed in the dog yard garden.
And if you want certainly look at the live, it is carried out in the Kawasaki Station East Square.
12:00 - Cho~tsukin Zu
12:45 - Arisaka Tomoyo
13:30 - Inoue you
14:15 - style-3!
Admission is free.
Even Muza Kawasaki before Kawasaki Station West Exit, 14:00 Free Street Live is made from.
The immediate vicinity of the Lazona free live idle in Kawasaki is performed from 13:00 and 16:00.
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Re: Street performers in Tokyo/Yokohama? 2015/2/11 01:34
In addition, there is a live chorus group will in oosanbashi Hall.
13:30 ~ / 15:30 ~
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Re: Street performers in Tokyo/Yokohama? 2015/2/11 18:32
You could try in front of Ikebukuro station, Ueno Park, Yoyogi Park, or Inokashira Park at the weekend.
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