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How do you say Japan in Japanese? 2004/12/14 23:01
I heard some people say nihon and some people say nippon. Which one is right?
by Blackflyer  

Nippon for emphasis 2004/12/17 18:54
Japan is normally referred to as nihon. Nippon is used when there is an intention to stress national pride. You will commonly see this on the track suits of Japanese teams, for example. Otherwise, nihon is used more than 90% of the time.
by Mark rate this post as useful

nippon 2004/12/17 19:40
I think nippon is kind of an old word. In older textbooks (from the 70s) youll find only the term nippon but I havent heard any japanese refering to his/her country other than nihon.
by nuka21 rate this post as useful

both will do. 2004/12/17 21:05
No law stipulates which is right, Nihon or Nippon.

Nippon is used when there is an intention to stress national pride.
by pacman rate this post as useful

Both can be used. 2004/12/18 04:28
It pronounces with "nippon" formally.
At the announcement school, when "nippon" was right, it learned.
However, it is ambiguous now.
In a usual life, whichever it pronounces, it is not a mistake.

by Marshmallow rate this post as useful

... 2004/12/18 10:47
Either way is fine. "Nihon" is used more often, or Nihon is the normal way of saying it.

WHere I see/hear "Nippon" used: on postage stamps, on Japan team uniform at Olympic games, and said by government officials, and NHK (Japan Broadcasing Corporation) news broadcaster.
by AK rate this post as useful

kjnhklb 2008/5/19 19:09
i think its nihongo
by nvhhh rate this post as useful

nihongo... 2008/5/19 20:34
Nihongo means Japanese....
by inkepinke rate this post as useful

Nihongo 2008/5/19 23:12
To be precise, "Japanese language".
by Sira rate this post as useful

Nippon and Nihon 2008/5/27 21:42
Nippon was the name Japan used prior to the 20th century. And stopped using it as much, around after world war II ended. because during that era.. Japan was NOT called "Nihon" it was "Dainippon Teikoku" (lit. Great Empire of Japan.) After then its been cut down to just "Nippon", or "Nihon".
but its really just away to say Old world/new world blah..blah..
by AzN Gyangu rate this post as useful

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