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milk without lactose 2015/2/15 01:57
hai i want to know if in koffee shops or resutorant or combini can i have or buy milk without lactose.
thank you
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Re: milk without lactose 2015/2/15 11:42
Are you lactose intolerant?

This milk called Accadi by Meg Milk brand seems to have approx. 80% of lactose removed. Seems to be recommended to people who has lactose intolerance.

You'd have to buy this at conbini or supermarket. Not really likely provided at restaurants.

In many traditional coffee shops, when you order coffee, you will get a coffee "creamer" (in those small portion packs) that is not fully milk or cream - they use soy and other vegetable based ingredients - so that might be OK.

In coffee shops like Starbucks, you can specify soy milk instead of milk, does it help?
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Re: milk without lactose 2015/2/15 13:23
Yukijirushi-MeguMild "Acady"(アカディ) is only the product you can buy at supermarkets around 235 Yen per litter.

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