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how can I approach a Japanese girl? 2004/12/15 21:28
I have met a Japanese girl in our university. I just met her, I would like to know how can I approach her and tell her that ''I love her'' in a Japanese way.
by Ko Ko  

Too early 2004/12/17 19:36
If you just met her, maybe it's too soon to say anything about love.
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WAIT!!! 2004/12/18 06:20
KoKo, I wouldn't advise you to tell her that you love her after only knowing her for a little while. The Japanese do not use "I love you" in the same way we do in the US. Japanese hardly ever tell each other "I love you" I would try to be freinds with her first and get to know her. Maybe if you start going out as BF/GF, then tell her.
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Thanks 2004/12/19 18:28
Thanks friends, I sometimes mail and phone her. She reply my mails and phone. I don't know how to start to approach her. I mean can I invite her to go out together and how can I show affection? (I mean which way will be the best for Japanese girls)
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On the right way 2004/12/19 19:08
I assume that she came from Japan not too long ago, right?
If you talks to you on the phone and answers your mails, you're on the right way, I would say.
In my experience, Japanese girls don't show affection very clearly or openly; this is something you'll have to live with. ^_^ If I were you, I would suggest to watch a film together. Something casual. Take it from there, but she will probably not expect to be kissed in public.
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Have fun 2004/12/21 01:31
KoKo, Just ask her out like you would any other girl. Go do something fun, but keep it slow on the affection part at least at the beginning. Over affection could scare any girl off. She'll let you know if she likes you. Good luck!!!
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Cut thru the chase 2004/12/21 02:07

How in the world did you get her phone and sent mail to her if you haven't approach her? I hope you not some sort of stalker or even psycho.
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Sorry 2004/12/21 06:31
The above posting is from me, Laubowski and not Ko Ko.
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carefully 2004/12/21 12:03
Just take your time mate. Go carefully. You have already done the first bit(email and phoning).............if you want this to go further, let her know of your intentions. Come out with it.......tell her you like her style and wish to learn more about her and the things she holds dear to her heart. Stay away from the word "LOVE" as it is way to soon. Love for the japanese equates to getting into her pants. Leave that alone for now. Be open and honest. Put your cards on the table and she if she wants to play your game. If she does not want to play your game............go and find one that will. Too much time gets wasted on chit-chat and dinners and movies etc etc.

Go slow mate..............good luck

Be a straight shooter. Hope you don't miss.
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Thanks for ur reply. 2004/12/26 12:18
Hi friends,

Thanks for your reply.
We met and geting phone number can't mean that we have relationships. It is easy to get her phone number and email. I asked her and she easily gave it to me.
When I asked her to go outside, she said she is busy. Can I try to ask again? If so, how many times can I ask her if her reply is always "busy".

Thanks again for your advices.
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. 2004/12/27 10:44
"I'm busy" international code phrase meaning "not interested".
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Busy???? 2004/12/28 04:55
Ko Ko, basically, busy means buzz off or get lost. Since you really have nothing to lose at this point. Might as well go and ask her again. If she reply with "I am busy" again than ask her for schedule. Better luck next time Ko Ko.
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Love 2004/12/28 09:36
What ever you do ... don`t tell her you love her....

this is a big no no.... you care about her, you are interested in her, you think about her....

But telling her you love her is too much, even if you do love her.

My wife is Japanese and it took a looooong time before she would accept me saying I love her. Thanks the Japanese way.....

Sorry to say it but take it slow and show her you love her until the time she wants to hear you say you love her....
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Thanks 2004/12/30 16:44
Thanks friends, I will try my best.
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Whoa! 2005/1/6 09:05
Hey, take it slow! Really learn about her. dont be disappointed if she rejectes you. maybe she isn't for you
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Slow down 2005/1/6 10:09
If you just met her, 1-3 do not love her. You love her look, her style... you do not know HER. Do the friend thing, control your body, speak with your spirit. slow down. What is meant to be... will be.
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I am Japanese girl. 2005/1/16 04:08
She speaks English well? Or are you speak Japanese well? If you not,maybe,I am sorry she is tired.I think it is better you send she an Email.
Good luck!!!
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best way to meet japanese girls 2005/4/12 02:34
i live in a big student area do a favour ask if you can help the simplest things show them something {a gym,acoffe shop somewhere a bit like home}dont expect anything back for ages be very restpectful dont expect a kiss music is a good contact zone
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im not really good in this.. 2007/7/28 02:41
hm..i think u better know her first before u said aichiteru to her..well girl will accept people that they know really well then people that they don't know at all
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Yeah, 2007/7/31 12:10
I don't want to sound like a mean kind of guy, but in my opinion, you sort of perhaps had moved too fast and almost acted 'obsessive' and you probably gave her too much attention, sometimes girls crave attention, so i'd suggest laying off for a week or a few days (even though it may be hard) and email her or phone her and say 'it's been a long time, we need to hang out' or something like that,

Remember, this isn't Densha Otoko, not everything is going to go your way.
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