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Cheap Dinner in Eastern Kyoto? 2015/2/22 19:31
Hi! I'm going to Kyoto in April and am touring Eastern Kyoto for one day. I'm just wondering if there are any places to eat deliciously but on a budget? I know Kyoto is famous for the kaiseki dinners but unfortunately I do not want to spend that much and am fine with eating regular Japanese food.

I am spending late afternoon and the evening in the Higashiyama/Gion district so any places near there would be great. I'm going back to Osaka after so any places on the way back are good too!

I would love to try unagi, Kyoto sushi, and/or bukkake udon! But any places where the food is good is fine, thank you!
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Re: Cheap Dinner in Eastern Kyoto? 2015/2/23 22:02
It is hard to specify since it depends on the exact budget and one's preference. So this is just my taste.


Udon is a kind of Japanese noodle. Bukkake seems to be
rather new trend and I think it is not so popular in Kyoto where Udon with hot soup and sweetened flied Tofu (Age) is preferred, which is called Kitsune Udon.

There are two very popular Udon diner, Yamamoto Menzo and Okakita in Higashiyama district, but I am afraid there should be very long queue since they are too popular.

I have found two other Udon diner along Jingu-michi street when I searched Tabelog.

Daimyojin So-Honpo


Affordable Kaiseki

If you go via JR Kyoto station, I recommend Manshige at Porta.
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