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Sukibayashi jiro honten reservation 2015/2/23 15:34
Hello, i will be going to Tokyo this August, and would like to go sukibayashi jiro honten for my once in a lifetime experience. I understand that reservation is very hard to get and require hotel concierge. I will be staying at hotel, but not a 5 stars hotel, i'm afraid this might affect me in getting my reservation. Any idea ? I've heard they only accept reservation from those 5 stars hotel

Thank you
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Re: Sukibayashi jiro honten reservation 2015/2/23 19:58
Sukiyabashi Jiro Honten doesn't normally accept reservations other than mutual frequent member of Sukiyabashi Jiro(recommendation).

The ordinary member's reservation begin on the 2nd March 2015 for the reservation in April 2015 by phone only. You can call there, but, if you make a call then the staff finds you are not an appropriate customer, he/she will say "fully booked" or "busy" then off the phone.
You can not choose Sukiyabashi jiro, Sukiyabashi jiro chooses who can be there.
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Re: Sukibayashi jiro honten reservation 2015/2/24 01:17
You're right that they will normally only now accept reservations from the top Tokyo hotels but that doesn't mean your quest is impossible, but there's no doubt it IS difficult!

But... despite the fame of the place, I personally now wonder whether it's really worth all the effort you're going to have to make to get a reservation there. Consider these rules that the hotel concierges are required to pass on to potential customers:



- Jiro start taking reservations from the 1st day of the month prior to the requested date.

- Jiro has very strict rules and policy.
(Explaining about the restaurant policy and rules before calling them is the first part of Jiro's policy.)

Sukiyabashi Jiro Honten, is not just an ordinary Sushi restaurant serving old school sushi, it's also about their dining manner. Even though itfs a "3 Star" Michelin restaurant, it's a place to be served and learn to appreciate the values of Edo-Mae Sushi.

- 1 set menu only/ around 30,000yen (depending on market price)
No credit cards accepted. CASH PAYMENTS ONLY
- Even if you do not look Japanese, English will never be used or spoken so please do not expect this.
- Set menus (printed) will have English.
- Never arrive late for a confirmed reservation.
- Meals will last a maximum of 30 minutes and you are expected to leave the restaurant promptly.
- Counter seating only
- If you have strict diet restrictions, this restaurant is not able to accommodate you.
- If there is anything that you cannot eat, such as Sea Urchin, Salmon roe, Shellfish etc, this must be informed at the time of booking.
- Cancellation fee 15,000 yen per person applies for same day cancellation.
- You must not wear perfume or cologne
- Dress Code: A collared shirt and slacks are required for men.
- No flip-flops or casual rubber sandals are acceptable.
- Use of mobile phones is not allowed.
- If you wish to take photographs, you must ask permission first.

- This Reservation policy is effective whether Jiro himself is present or not.

Of course, you have to judge for yourself whether you think it'll be worth it but in your place, I would just make a reservation at his son's restaurant in Roppongi - MUCH easier to book and a much more pleasant and relaxed experience.
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Re: Sukibayashi jiro honten reservation 2015/2/24 21:44
Tokyo friend 48:
I know there will be a slim chance for me to get into them. I guess i just have to try my luck, and asking my hotel concierge to help me in making this reservation. I might considering other 3* sushi restaurant, like sushi saito, but probably also hard to get. I enjoy being at sushi kanesaka, but i'm thinking of trying other places. Thank you very much for your help :)

Saru bob :
Yeah i understand that sukibayashi jiro has a strict rule, that's the matter of respecting jiro-san creation. While i know that his second son place is far more relax, i still wish to try sushi that make by jiro-san himself. Guess i'll just crossing my finger this time. Thank you for your advise :)
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Re: Sukibayashi jiro honten reservation 2015/2/25 14:47
I don't want to burst your bubble but just because you go to Jiro's restaurant does not guarantee your sushi will actually be made or served by Jiro himself.
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