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Japanese food portions 2015/2/25 18:59
As a white, American male, who is 5'9 and likes to eat a lot: will I have problems with the small Japanese food portions? Will I have to order double to get my calories? have any of you ever had such problems?
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Re: Japanese food portions 2015/2/25 21:44
Maybe no good answer just pay double or more.
Or order larger size as omori[大盛] or tokumori[特盛] 5 to over 100% plus.
Sometimes try unlimted biking[バイキング/食べ放題](buffet) like this
if just short days travel book morning buffet provide good hotels recommend.

This is one of "challenge food" records web.
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Re: Japanese food portions 2015/3/1 21:46
Go to a ramen place, when done, say "Kaedama". Means more noodles.
But usually Asian meals are lesser in portion size then Caucasians.

Curry rice is usually what fills me. A cheaper alternative would be going to a convenience store and ordering all the onigiri. I get to taste the different flavours.
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