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Osaka Castle Park Street Food 2015/3/5 02:12
I will be visiting Japan in May and am planning to go to Osaka Castle Park. I would like to know if there are street food vendors in the park or do I have to bring my own food?
I saw some picture of street vendors but are they there everyday?
by Marie (guest)  

Re: Osaka Castle Park Street Food 2015/3/5 10:52
I had some good takoyaki from the "food court" there. It seems to be a permanent fixture.
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Re: Osaka Castle Park Street Food 2015/3/5 12:55
Food in Japan is rarely more than a few feet away. This goes for mountain tops as well as cities. There is seldom a need to bring food with you.
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Re: Osaka Castle Park Street Food 2015/3/5 19:10
I live very close to Osaka castle. There are indeed a few vendors set up right near the castle. Not sure if they are permanent or not, but they'll definitely be there in May. It's mostly ice cream and other fried food like takoyaki. There are also a bunch of drink vending machines near the castle and a souvenir shop and such.

5-10 minutes walk from the castle itself, you can find Osaka Castle Business Park. There's a small shopping mall and other things there. Inside the small shopping mall there are several restaurants and cafes including Mister Donuts, McDonalds, Starbucks and a few Japanese food restaurants. Outside the mall and within just a couple minutes walk are other restaurants like a sushi place and a bar (that serves lunch too).

Shouldn't be any shortage of vending machines, junk food stalls, cafes or restaurants in the area.
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