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Can i buy a Hello Kitty Cell Phone 2004/12/18 10:34
Can i buy a Hello Kitty Cell Phone and use it in the US? Would it work with my sim card? Would any carriers support it? THANK YOU
by Lilly  

Belated present from Finland? 2004/12/18 20:52

It must be expensive, but would be the best hello kitty's phone available now.
Still wondering why Nokia doesn't sell it in your country before the Chrismas season this year.

Okwap is a Taiwanese phone company and their kitty's phone uses GMS standard. If I remember correctly, you cannot use GMS phone in Japan, but you can in your country.
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ok 2004/12/19 00:59
ok so can i use an okwap phone in the us?
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. 2004/12/19 09:39
Since you started a new topic about a kitty phone, I thought you wanted i516 or A267 30th anniversary Hello Kitty models, right?

I guess that i516 and A267 is mainly for Taiwanese or Chinese users, so you should be careful that nobody would kindly support you even when the phone will be out of order. Many people here would be glad to help you about Japan related issues, but it would be hard to get info upon Taiwan or China here.

I don't intend to play a joke on you, but how about searching English manuals (PDF files) for i516 and A267 in the following okwap site for your first step?

I don't know very much about GSM1900 coverage in your country, but J carrier, docomo offers us their roaming service using GSM1900 networks of T-mobile and AT&T in your country. I think their maps would be of your help.

Needless to say, you should make your own double check on the GSM1900 coverage in your town. And after my quick check on the ebay, some people are saying that their kitty phones are "unlocked", but nobody tells that the phone is 100% sim lock free.

Good luck
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. 2004/12/20 13:03
Look at this for GSM coverage of US operators.
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Thanks for the map 2004/12/20 23:10
I was so impressed by the number of local carriers in US.

The kitty phones she wants are used only in the GSM1900 network in her country, and there are some US carriers using GSM850/1900. So it might be possible that her town is covered by GSM1900 network, but by GSM850 around her house.

Maybe she left for Taiwan guide com, if any...
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does it? 2005/2/4 03:13
i want that phone also!! and am in the US some people say yes...some people say no???? did you find out if it worked?
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Hello Kitty i516 2005/3/3 03:38
It's a tri-band phone, so check with your local phone operator if your SIM card complies to a tri-band phone. It should be compatible.
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okwap a267 2005/3/3 07:07
I wouldnt bother to be honest i have one i ignored all the warnings off previous forums i had it 3 days and the screen has broke it looks like an untuned TV i charged it for th e first time and an hour later kaput gone.. the seller from Taiwan will not respond either
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GSM, 1900, etc 2005/5/10 15:09
Some context RE: the number of GSM carriers in the U.S.

Many of those carriers are not nation-wide, but rather regional or only one state (but many of those also have roaming agreements with their neighbors).

Cingular/Verizon and T-Mobile are the major nationwide GSM carriers in the U.S.

Also, the 850 band is not in widespread use here in the U.S... we've adjusted to only having the 1900 band for so long, that 850 is mostly only being used in areas that 1900 already exists, so that carriers who were 'locked out' of a market because of limited bandwith availablility could enter it.

So a 1900 Mhx phone should be able to get you just about anywhere you want to go, especially in any area even moderately populated.

Hope this helps!
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world phone-Hello kitty i516 okway 2005/7/13 22:09
hello kitty cell phones can not always be used around the world but one can the Okwap i516 hello kitty cell phone. It is a triband phone with all sorts of cool features ie PDA 1M camera and video clips, calorie calculator and much much more. I am selling mine on ebay because i need the money for college. every little bit helps. I didnt even use it except for an alarm I was too busy getting all my college stuff together and taking care of my job and my aunt being sick. Anywho if you know anyone who might be interested....http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=64355&item=5788555729&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW
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oops 2005/7/13 22:11
its okwap not okway i was typing really fast SORRY -_-

please visit http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=64355&item=5788555729&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW
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Hello Kitty mobile phone needed 2005/8/26 08:16
Please I am looking for a hello kitty mobile phone to buy, which will be able to support 850 band.
If someone knows I will appreciate the information
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idea 2005/8/26 13:42
i know that in monterey park, california there are a lot of cell phone stores owned by taiwanese. you might check an area such as this to buy one locally.
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Thanks a lot 2005/9/6 13:05
Hi everybody thanks a lot for the information. I am located in Colombia South America and it seems the Okwap brand is not known in here. However I am continuing looking for one which will work in 850 band

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Yes, you can. 2007/12/11 01:06
Oh, yes you can! You never know what they'll do in Japan.
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