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First time in Japan, Inuyama area 2015/3/18 01:26
Hey doods, I'll be traveling to Japan for the very first time soon. I'll be staying with in-laws in Inuyama. I'm sure they'll help me out a little bit but I'd like to make some plans.

Anyone familiar with Inuyama and Nagoya area have some suggestions?

Definitely want to see some sights but I'm also a big fan of retro video games and Japanese rock bands so if you know of any used game and music stores around those areas, I'd love to go hunting for my collection.

I'm most likely going to have plenty of time by myself, enough to maybe even visit another area for a day or two as well if you have any suggestions on that it'd be a great help.

Keep in mind, I might have Japanese family members, and am actually going to be majoring in Japanese as an exchange student however my current Japanese level is... as beginner as it gets. I only know a handful of words and phrases, I'm a noob lol.
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Re: First time in Japan, Inuyama area 2015/3/18 12:31

Some research on this site will help you a lot.

Side trips from Inuyama/Nagoya fro a few days would have to include Kanazawa, Shiragawago, Takayama, Ise Shrines, Kiso Valley etc as shown in the first link.

Inuyama Castle and garden, and the puppet museum are excellent: I am sure your family will take you there.
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Re: First time in Japan, Inuyama area 2015/3/18 12:45
For Inuyama, definitely the castle - although as AusTF indicated, this is probably a given as your hosts will probably take you there (given that it's the most prominent attraction in the area). The views from the top are quite breathtaking, made even more so by the castle's dramatic riverside perch.


Lots to see/do in Nagoya and the surrounding region; use the link AusTF provided above to start planning. My personal favourite is the SCMAGLEV and Railway Park...


...but of course one should also pay a visit to the castle (they're in the process of rebuilding the attached Edo-period palace)...


...and perhaps sample a few of the city's museums (two are discussed in the link below).


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