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How do I book the beach festival tickets 2015/3/26 17:07
Hi, i found out there was a music festival with some bands im interested in. However, I don't understand how to buy the tickets from the website.

They gave these sites:


(I can't navigate this at all)


(I got up to the point I need to make an account, but I dont know if I can create an account out of japan as the address option only had it within japan (I think?) And i was worried if it would mail the ticket to that address)


(same issue with the second link)

is there anyway to get the ticket on my phone/ email facebook (does it say so on the website)? any idea of regular ticketing procedures?

Also, is there anything I need to be wary of? Is it safe? Should I pack food? etc

Thank you!
by kroshaven  

Re: How do I book the beach festival tickets 2015/3/27 09:12
You can book the ticket on that website.
But the ticket need to be issued at Lawson(Japanese convenience store) or to be received at the address within Japan.
Sorry that I can't give you any good idea.
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Re: How do I book the beach festival tickets 2015/3/27 13:48
Issued as in I go to lawsons and they print out for me right? I'm okay with that, okay ill ask my teacher to help me navigate the site :x
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