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Cinemas in Tokyo and older movies 2015/3/31 22:57
Are there any cinemas in Tokyo, like smaller independent ones, that sometimes show 'older' movies that might already be out on DVD?

I was once told by someone that there are smaller cinemas in Tokyo that show movies that have been out a few months earlier cheaper. (I don't mean old movies like classics, more like stuff that was in cinemas in December from now, etc.) But I haven't been able to find any confirmation or info of this online. Did I misunderstand or does this sort of thing exist?

(I'm both interested because it would be cool to find a cheap cinema alternative and I don't mind watching something that's not the absolute newest, and because I'm travelling to Tokyo in a few weeks and would like to see a film that came out in December that I missed.)

Any help much appreciated!
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Re: Cinemas in Tokyo and older movies 2015/4/1 00:11
The most major cinemas offer 1,000 or 1,100 Yen cinema day on every 1st day of the month(eg, 1st of April).
If you are a female, the most major cinemas also offer 1,000 Yen cinema day on every Wednesday. This offer doesn't apply to male(sometimes do).
If you buy a pre-purchase ticket, you can be discounted 300-400 Yen for the movie.
Some independent cinemas in Shimo-Kitazawa and Shimo-Takaido also offer 400-500 Yen cheaper movies for members.
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Re: Cinemas in Tokyo and older movies 2015/4/1 00:47
Hope this will help you. The article is dated from 2010. Perhaps some Tokyo residents can clarify.

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Re: Cinemas in Tokyo and older movies 2015/4/1 03:58
When we lived in Tokyo, we went to this theater all the time. It seems to be what you are looking for. http://www.wasedashochiku.co.jp/en.html
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Re: Cinemas in Tokyo and older movies 2015/4/1 09:06
Movie theater that screened the previous work of Tokyo
Waseda Shochiku
Iidabashi Ginrei
Shimotakaido Cinema
Meguro Cinema
Ikebukuro shin BUNGEIZA
Cinemavera Shibuya
Movie theater that primarily screened the old movie of Japan
Jinbocho Theater
Laputa Asagaya
National Film Center
The other, They have done the "Film Festival from 10:00,gozen juji no eigasai,ǰʮrӳ" in the cinema of TOHO.
Older movies are screened only at AM10:00.
By cinema, changes the contents in a week replacement.
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Re: Cinemas in Tokyo and older movies 2015/4/1 16:45
Thank you so much for the answers, these are great links!
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Re: Cinemas in Tokyo and older movies 2015/4/1 20:40
I hope you notice that the so-called "mini theaters" listed on the last two posts aren't low-priced at all.

I believe that the cinema industry has set a guideline of some sort in the recent decades and they don't commonly do things like "show three dated movies for half the price."

The theaters listed are indeed showing movies that major cinema complexes have finished showing a few months ago, which is a treat for movie-goers, but the price itself is the same.

Once in a while, mini theaters, which tend to be artistic, show about "two or three classics for the price of one," but that's not what you're looking for.

As suggested, if you're just seeking low prices, it's better to become a member of one or two theaters and hope to pile up your "points."
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Re: Cinemas in Tokyo and older movies 2015/4/1 21:15
Normal cinema is adult rate is 1700-1800 yen a single.
Cinema that I linked is cheaper than those cinema.
Waseda Shochiku and Iidabashi Ginrei, such as Meguro cinema is cinema Theater from the old days.
So, in two, it can be seen at a lower amount than or the same price.
The last one will be or become half.
By movie other cinema Theater to be screened, different price.
If the new work will be screened, in some cases be the same amount as the normal movie theater.
However, these cinemas Theater principle old movies are screened.
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Re: Cinemas in Tokyo and older movies 2015/4/2 19:05
Whoops! Sorry, theaters such as Waseda Shochiku, Iidabashi Ginrei and Ikebukuro Bungeiza normally do show double-features for the price of about one movie.

But I believe that theaters such as Shimotakaido Cinema basically don't show double-features (nihondate) do they? And the major theaters do offer discounts of about 1100 yen per movie or one free movie per several purchases, so depending on your condition the mini theaters may not be worth your transportation fee.

But generally, the cheap double-feature movies are close to universities, so students should still take a good look at the list given by Haro.
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