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TV Channels other than NHK 2015/4/8 13:40
Hi guys,

I'm living in a Leopalace apartment and the only channel my television set receives is from NHK and local Hiroshima channels. I want to watch other channels like TV Tokyo, TV Asahi etc, but I just can't seem to find them on my TV Guide either. When I press certain numbers on my remote control, "このボタンにチャンネルは没定されていません" this came out instead.

I'm not sure if it's because TV Tokyo, TV Asahi, Fuji TV etc are all Tokyo based channels that's why I don't get them regionally? Or is it because Leopalace has set some sort of restriction on the TV?
by Murakami Seirin  

Re: TV Channels other than NHK 2015/4/8 15:50
Yes, other than 2 NHK channels, only regional TV channel (with certain program that are identical to FUJI, ASAHI etc.).

Also, be prepare to be visited by NHK man for fee collections.
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Re: TV Channels other than NHK 2015/4/8 15:52
If you're in Hiroshima, you get 6 non-satelite/non-cable channels including 2 NHKs.

All channels broadcast some nation-wide programs, so you might see popular shows from Tokyo's TBS on RCC (channel 3), or some from NTV on Hiroshima TV (4), or TV Asahi shows on Hiroshima Home TV (5), or Fuji shows on TV Shin-Hiroshima (8), although not strictly so. By the way, TV Tokyo is a local channel for Tokyo, but they broadcast/share shows from other regions, so you might bump into one in Hiroshima.

That's how it works in Japan, anywhere you go.

This is the source for Hiroshima.
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Re: TV Channels other than NHK 2015/4/8 17:30
Ah, so that's how it works. Thanks for the advice.
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