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Has the Robot Restaurant been toned down? 2015/4/10 05:43

I will be in Tokyo this summer and I wanted to give the Robot Restaurant a go. I've checked some videos on Youtube and noticed, that the more recent ones (this month) seem to be alot less skimpy than the older ones, from say late 2014. Also it seems like they removed the part with the plane filled with girls in the end, which I thought was kind of the best part on the other videos.
I do enjoy cabaret shows and this would be kind of a let down. Does it depend on the time you visit the show?

Can anybody confirm this?

Also are there any other cabaret shows in Tokyo worth seeing?
by Mike (guest)  

Re: Has the Robot Restaurant been toned down? 2015/4/14 13:16
I took a look at some recent videos and it seems pretty much the same as when I went last May. Also note that they rotate the particular elements of the show so they not be doing the plane at the moment.
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