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Good Japanese Language Apps 2015/4/13 00:16
Can anyone recommend some really good Japanese learning apps for iOS? I'm willing to buy them so they don't have to be free. I just want to learn to talk and understand better.

I can understand a little now but I panic every time someone Japanese talks to me and then my mind goes completely blank. And somehow I know I sound really bad when I talk too.

I can't attend any classes here since I have to go to work almost everyday so language schools would be out of the question at least for now.

Any help would make me so happy. Thank you so much.
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Re: Good Japanese Language Apps 2015/4/25 04:42
I am using an app called "Human Japanese" to learn Japanese. It's a good app and it is available on PC and Android too. Plus there is a free version called Human Japanese lite, you can try that out before buying the full version.
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Re: Good Japanese Language Apps 2015/4/25 06:14
I've also used "Human Japanese" (both their beginner app and the separate intermediate app) - really great stuff and I highly recommend them. These aren't just phrasebooks, too: they're complete language courses that teach vocabulary and grammar, and cover a bit of writing as well (kana on the beginner level, plus some kanji on the intermediate level). My Japanese skills are already more advanced than what these apps cover, but I used them for revising basic points and was still able to benefit from the authors' clear explanations and analogies. And their kanji lessons are some of the best I've seen: clean, slick stroke-order animation; mnemonic cues; even little tips on how to write them nicely.

Bear in mind, however, that the apps won't take you too deeply into the language. It's hard to assess exactly how much they cover (especially since, I mentioned earlier, I came into them already knowing some Japanese), but - and I'm only speaking in rough terms here - JLPT N5 is probably all that one will be ready for after finishing both levels. Nonetheless, I think they can form a good foundation for further study, and there are already whispers of a more advanced app in the works so there's something to look forward to.

As amzshow mentioned above, they've got free trial versions available so you can give them a test drive before committing any money for the full versions.

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