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My name in Japanese? 2015/4/13 00:38
My chinese name is 黄家馨 ( Wong Jia Xin)

I was wondering if my chinese name could be translated into a Japanese name?

thank you^^
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Re: My name in Japanese? 2015/4/13 15:32
ウォン・ジャ・シン(English pron) or コウ・カ・ケイ(Ko-ka kei, Japanese pron).
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Re: My name in Japanese? 2015/4/15 17:06
How about 木村 かおり?

I will start from the easiest character. We also use 馨 as a given name, more likely for a man's name, pronounced as ka-o-ru.

We could pronounce 黄 as ki. And the most popular family name starting from ki is 木村, pronounced as ki-mu-ra.

We can pronounce 家 as ka.

So one of the most straight forward translations would be 木村 馨 (Kimura Kaoru), for a man's name. We usually separate family and given names by a space.

We also use 馨 for a women's name, but it is more likely pronoused as ka-o-ri. So 木村 馨 (Kimura Kaori) for a woman's name is OK as well.

But more popular character for Kaori is 香. So 木村 香 (Kimura Kaori), for a women's name could be another choice.

However, 馨 and 香 have somewhat different meanings. So, I would like to add 木村 かおり (Kimura Kaori). A name using hiragana is rather popular for a women's name, and also more looks like Japanese one than Chinese.
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