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Looking for a movie title 2015/4/23 08:08
On the SAS flight from Europe to Japan 2013 I remember seeing this Japanese movie about a convicted or suspected murdurer being transfered either to a different jail or for trial from Fukuoka to Tokyo, being escorted by at least one policeman (I think the other policeman was shot along the way).

I remember the escort being made by Shinkansen train but it was stopped along the route and a dozens of SWAT-like policemen stormed the station where it was stopped (Kobe station?).

Anyone recognize this film? I tried to find it through IMDB but I am out of clues and too many search results...
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m̏| 2015/4/23 13:41
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Re: Looking for a movie title 2015/4/23 16:44
There we go. Yes, that's it. Thank you!

Well, it's probably not the best I have seen among Japanese movies but since it being one of the few Japanese titles available on the flight I had not much else to look at (to adapt to where I were going so to say).

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Re: Looking for a movie title 2015/4/23 20:59
Thanks for the feedback. I had been wondering about this movie, because while both the cast and crew are extremely gorgeous and the movie itself went to Cannes, the trailer as well as the plot were not exactly the most tempting things for me. I guess it's just fit for killing time on a flight.
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