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Classical film question (Japanese) 2015/4/23 18:03
Another Japanese film question. During early Japanese language study class we had film evenings in class some times during the semester. Since this was a long time ago the list of these films are long gone but I remember one movie which I saw but I can't recall the name. Unfortunately the memory is very vague so...

I remember a black and white scene from where two elderly people, among other people, were riding a tram in a Japanese city (probably Tokyo) with music in the background. (Sorry for this vague description).

Somehow the name "Tokyo Monogatari" comes to mind, but it could have been just a memory from the film list because I don't think there were any trams in Tokyo Monogatari...

Anyone have a slight clue about this film?
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Re: Classical film question (Japanese) 2015/4/23 21:09
Well, it does say below that in Tokyo Monogatari, the Hara Setsuko character takes her elderly parents on a ride on Hato Bus which is a typical sightseeing bus.

Nowadays, a Hato Bus is as gorgeous as an Airport Limousine Bus, but in the old days it must have looked like a tram, especially from the inside.

By the way, the main public transportation in Tokyo in that era was the tram (romen-densha). The movie sort of takes you to a vast tour in the "city," so you might have seen trams on the street scenes, although the characters weren't exactly riding them.
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Re: Classical film question (Japanese) 2015/4/23 22:46
That makes much more sense now. Thank you Uco.

I had gotten the idea Tokyo Monogatari was taking place in suburb or rural parts of Tokyo, as for the few examples of the movie I have yet seen.
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Re: Classical film question (Japanese) 2015/4/24 19:20
Yeah, the Japanese blog makes an interesting point, doesn't it. I'm not sure if I've seen the movie myself (perhaps not), but it seems that the theme is universal and still relevant today in the sense that people tend to think that Tokyo is a great big city full of snobs, but in reality ordinary people live quietly in a tiny neighborhood. Even Tokyo-ites don't know that there still is a huge forest in the middle of the city. Also, one of the rare trams in Tokyo still runs in the area of the movie plot.

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Re: Classical film question (Japanese) 2015/5/6 12:59
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