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Where do I start? 2015/5/3 09:23
I know most words and a few sentences in Japanese, but the difficulty for is bearing. I am I visual learning and and cousin is also learning but she can remember things better then me. Is there someone who could help me? I know most hiragana, but it's not a enough for me because I can speak with people in a conversation just not fully to the extent. Apps and reading doesn't work for me most of the time. And writing is easy because I write in Chinese and the strokes are similar. Is there anyone who could maybe help me or video chat like Skype or something. Or just at least help me read and write. Thank you~
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Re: Where do I start? 2015/5/3 17:01
IMO the best way to get started with Japanese is to take a formal Japanese class (either in Japan or anywhere else, I did it when I was an exchange student in the US for example), or if that's impossible, at least study from a textbook which is used in such classes, such as the Genki series. I have found that people who studied it on their own right from the start picked up some very bad habits and misconceptions.
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