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Tengu Izakaya 2015/5/5 08:21
Hi everyone,

Does anyone know the website of Tengu Izakaya in Osaka? My family had visited the outlet in Shinsaibashi during our 1st visit to Osaka and we liked the food served there. We hope to visit a nearby outlet near our hotel near Namba station during our 2nd visit to Osaka. I was not able to locate its website, thus cannot find another outlet other than the Shinsaibashi.

Hope to get some information here. Thanks!
by Sam (guest)  

Re: Tengu Izakaya 2015/5/5 12:17
This is the list of Tengu restaurants in all of Osaka prefecture. So I assume you went to the one listed at the bottom, Shinsaibashi-suji location (which has a focus on grilled food). As far as I can see, they don't have any location in Namba at all. But Shinsaibashi and Namba are pretty close :)
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Re: Tengu Izakaya 2015/5/5 20:50
Thkq Guest user!
We shall go back the same outlet then. Any advise if I should call to make reservation for 7 people for a Friday? We haven't decide if we want to do lunch or dinner but will be definitely a Friday meal.

Thkq again...
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Re: Tengu Izakaya 2015/5/5 21:43
For a group of 7 people on a Friday evening, I would call to make a reservation. I don't know how crowded places get at Friday lunchtime, though.
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Re: Tengu Izakaya 2015/5/6 08:22
thkq Guest for info again!
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